Aural Training


We also conduct training packages for Aural Training. There have been many enquiries for Aural Training as many music teachers focus on the Examination pieces and scales, leaving very little or no time to incorporate Aural Training in their lessons, hence many students have very little or no Aural Training during their regular Piano Lessons.

This package was created to help the students who do not have much Aural Training during their lessons and require help to understand each component of the Aural Test in the ABRSM Examinations.

Aural Training is important in music lessons as it trains one to develop a keen ear to be perceptive to the sounds and trains the students to focus and listen. The Aural Training Package is not limited to just Piano students.

It is open to students with different musical instrument background who require Aural Training as part of their Music Examinations. Students are able to learn what they are weak at and to strengthen what the areas which they are good at.