Christmas Giveaway Teaching Piano Video of Jingle Bell by Min Min Tay.


Congratulations for being the first 1000 people to subscribe and receive your free Christmas gift from me. This video is targeted at the absolute beginner. There are 2 videos for this segment.

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In the first video, you will learn how to play a simple Christmas song “Jingle Bells” playing with just the right hand in the shortest possible time. You will not require to read notes in this video, just relate numbers to finger numbers. You will also learn to recognise where Middle C is on the piano.

In the second video, you will learn how to play “O Come All Ye Faithful”, using both the right and left hand. You will not be required to learn music notation at this stage. I will still be using finger numbers to help you allow your way to playing this piece in the shortest time possible.

I hope you enjoy this video and wishing all my subscribers a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!



Lesson 1 :

In this video:

You will learn how to identify Middle C on the piano

Play a simple Christmas Melody “Jingle Bells” with your Right Hand

You will not require to read music notation

*Please remember to download Sheet Music 1 for Jingle Bells


Lesson 2 :

In this video:

You will learn to play the Christmas Song “O Come All Ye Faithful” using both hands

You will not require to read music notation

You will use finger numbers to play this piece

* Please remember to download sheet music 2 “O Come All Ye Faithful” in order to learn this piece and play along with me

We have come to the end of the video. I hope you have enjoyed learning the pieces as much as I have enjoyed teaching and sharing with you the gift of music. Do stay tune for more videos coming your way. I hope you continue to practice the pieces to improve and progress beyond these two pieces. Wishing you an enjoyable music journey.