Here are some of the Frequently asked questions that you might be asking. Please browse through to get more understanding before you start the piano lessons with us.

ho are we and what do we do ?  We have a pool of piano teachers who have been working with us, thus we provide piano matching services for students who are looking for music classes, headed by Min Min.  We will only ensure teachers with music qualifications and pedagogy skills are recommended to you. This will save you the hassle of looking for teachers or changing music teachers ever so often, which in turn hinders your development as a musician. “Trust in us in providing our best commitment to the success of you or your child”
Can I choose to learn at home or do I have to travel to the teacher’s studio ?  It is up to the teachers depending on their location and availability. Some teachers may charge a different rate depending on whether you travel to the teacher’s place or the other way round.
How do I confirm my piano class ?  You can transfer 1/2 of piano lesson fee to us first in order to confirm your class on the date and time specified. You can transfer the 1/2 month of the fee to our POSB Saving Account : 176-11775-3 (Pls screenshot the ATM transfer and SMS to us). You can then pay the remainder fees to the teacher on the first lesson.
Can I feedback to you about the teacher ?  Yes, we welcome feebacks. You may write to us with testimonials and feedback about the piano teacher that is assigned to you via email. We always seek to improve and maintain our standards and quality of our teachers.
re there any lessons during the school holiday or public holidays ?  Do liaise with your teacher regarding their terms and conditions. The teacher will let you know their terms and condition regarding school break or public holiday in advance before you begin your lesson in order to avoid any misunderstanding.
Do I need to pay for commission for your matching service to the teacher ?You don’t need to pay any fee for our service. We have arranged with the piano teachers to collect a referral fee from them.
Can I arrange to change my timing or day subsequently ? It is best to stick to the agreed day and time as the teacher might have other teaching schedules planned. However, if you really need to change the lesson to another day and time, do give the teacher ample time to rearrange and reschedule if their time permits. This will prevent any miscommunications and misunderstandings which could cause inconvenience to both parties.
Can I have a trial lesson before i start my lesson ? We don’t give trial lesson as all the piano teachers are very occupied. Student is required to pay the lesson fees (as agreed during engagement of teacher) for the number of hours of lessons given by the teacher.


ow long is the duration of the piano lesson ?  The duration for Beginner lessons and the lower grades are 45 mins while the high grades are 1 hour.
Idon’t have a piano at home yet, what should i do?  Don’t’ worry, we provide piano rental services where you can rent on a monthly basis. In the meantime, you can also arrange to travel to the teacher’s studio first.
When should i pay the piano lesson fee ?  Fees are paid on the first lesson of every month.
Can I continue with my teacher for the next grade ?  Of course, you can always continue with the same teacher and progress to the next grade. Please liaise with your teacher personally.
Can i have a replacement if I miss any of the class ?  We are aware that there may be times when you might miss lessons due to emergencies. In such scenarios, replacement lessons are available. However, it also depends on your teacher’s schedule. We highly suggest that you liaise directly with your teachers with regards to replacement lessons and what was agreed upon based on the teacher’s terms and conditions.
Can I talk to the teacher before i confirm the class ?  Yes you can. You will be given the teacher’s number so that both of you can communicate before hand and be acquainted.
Can I change the teacher if the teacher is not suitable ?  Yes, you can. However, we strongly recommend you to work with your teacher for at least a month before you decide to make a change. Rapport between a student and teacher is not built in one lesson. It takes a few lessons for you to adapt to the teacher’s style of teaching and for you to interact with the teacher. This will build a strong student and teacher relationship. However, if you still feel the need to change teacher, you can contact us to request for the change. Do note that any lesson conducted is still chargeable.
Do I need to buy the music book before the class starts ?  Please communicate and liaise with the teacher regarding the music books required for lessons before the actual lesson.
In any event, Learn Piano Lesson Singapore’s maximum liability arising out of or in connection with the service or your use of the service, regardless of the cause of action, will not exceed S$50. Learn Piano Lesson Singapore shall not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage caused during the time of lesson. They shall be directed to the teacher and any inconvenience shall be settled between the student and the teacher directly.