Intensive Group Theory Class - Opening June 2018 Class Now!

Intensive Group Theory Class – Opening June 2018 Class Now!


Music Theory plays an essential part of our music education. Without theory, one would not be able to fully understand the workings and meaning of music and of how composers intended their music to be played. However, many teachers often leave the theory aspect out of their music teaching until the very last minute, leaving parents and students stressing over the exam as there is a mad rush to prepare for it. As most of you know, in order to proceed on to the higher grades for Practical 6 to 8, a student has to obtain a minimum of a Grade 5 Theory.

So when Theory is left to the last minute, most students panic and feel stressed out.

Fret not, I will be opening up classes  for Intensive Group Theory, for students preparing to take their ABRSM Grade 5 Exam in October 2018. My purpose of opening group classes is to help the students and ease their learning journey and make the preparation less stressful.


It is OPEN now…. Intensive Group Theory Class

Take advantage of the June holidays to catch up and prepare for your theory exams. I have many years of teaching experience teaching students and preparing them for the Theory Examinations with many of them scoring Merit and Distinctions in the short span of 6 months of preparations. As I have many years of teaching experience, students will definitely benefit from my teaching.

What you will be benefitting from the Intensive Group Theory Class

  • I have found a method to help the students understand theory better
  • I have discovered a method for students to remember the processes 
  • how to approach the questions.

You can read the testimonials of past students who have taken the Intensive Theory in the Testimonial page.

There will be 2 classes opening up on Saturday and  1 class on Sunday afternoons with a maximum of 5 students per class. Lessons are conducted at my studio.

So sign up now and lets begin your learning journey.

Sign Up for Intensive Group Theory Class Here !

We are very glad that we found Ms Tay to teach and guide our daughter, Yixuan for her Grade 5 Music Theory Exam. Even though we had only 11 weeks to the exam, her systematic approach has made it easy for an 11 years old child to understand and score really well (89 marks) for the exam. We appreciate her patience and dedication. Thank you, Ms Tay!


Robin Lim (Yixuan’s Father)

“I am a working adult who went to study under Min Min, 1 year after I passed grade 6 music theory exam. I actually found Min Min while doing an online search for an eligible private music theory teacher. I was really glad that I found her. Those 2 years of music theory lessons were enriching. Min Min is very structured in her approach in teaching music theory and I found it easy to follow the lessons. Her teaching is also very constructive, positive, practical and comprehensive. She is non intimidating and I always felt at ease to clarify any doubt I had. She is musically talented and has vast music knowledge; but equally important, is her capacity for coaching. She is able to impart to me the joy of learning, and the drive to progress. Min Min’s perserverance, patience and professionalism are also some of the admirable attributes I have been blessed with as her student. She has my highest recommendation! ”


Irene Ng

At first I feel quite stressful facing my theory grade 8, because as you know, my theory knowledge is very poor. But after one month taking the theory lesson with you, I feel that music theory is quite interesting, even though I have to read and do A LOT of exercises. Doing A Lot of exercise I still ok for me, but when it comes to READING. Anyway, Ill try my best, hope I can pass my theory exam next year and thank you for being a very PATIENT teacher.

Eva Widjaja