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*This listening modules are EXCLUSIVELY for our “Learn Piano Lesson Singapore” students only.

As music students, we often focus on technique and precision in playing. Listening to how one articulates the phrasing of the melody is just as important as a clean performance.

listeningTo fully express the music that the composer intended, it is important for every musician to train his/her ear to the sensitivity of each sound and nuance. Just as important is to fully understand the background of the composer, the period in which the composer belongs to as well as the compositional style and character of that period.

These listening examples are not an exhaustive list of pieces and composers, but focuses on prominent composers and the 4 different genres of the History of Western Music. Some important compositions will be highlighted for your information and knowledge.
Instructions :



You can print the listening answer sheet on the right and jot down your comments while you are listening to the music examples.download_button

Be sure to bring your listening music sheet for your next lesson.

* New Modules and composers will be added every 2 weeks, so be sure to check back often for more interesting facts and information.

The Four Periods in the History of Western Music :

Baroque Period

Classical Period (coming soon)

Romantic Period (coming soon)

20th Century/Contemporary Period (coming soon)

Famous Composers :
This is not an exhaustive list of all the composers, but I will be focusing on prominent composers from each of the four periods in the History of Western Music.

Johann Sebastian Bach

George FridericHandel (2nd Sept)

Franz Joseph Haydn (coming soon)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (coming soon)

Ludwig van Beethoven (coming soon)

Chopin (coming soon)

Brahms (coming soon)

Franz Liszt (coming soon)

Prokofiev (coming soon)

Rachmaninoff (coming soon)

Debussy (coming soon)

Tchaikovsky (coming soon)

Satie (coming soon)