Music Diploma

Min-Min- Tay Music Diploma

The Diplomas offered by the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music and the Trinity College of London provide an assessment framework for a wide range of musicians.

You might be taking the Diploma Examinations to pursue a career in music, you might be a working professional who wants to broaden your music qualifications, or you might be purely after the satisfaction of achieving a personal goal.

Whichever you are at currently, there is one just right for you. We offer Diploma lessons for both the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music as well as from the Trinity College of London:

  • Diploma ABRSM / ATCL
  • Diploma LRSM / LTCL
  • Diploma FRSM / FTCL

Learning Music is the expression of being able to produce sounds and create the effect of musical wonder from an instrument that was invented so many years ago. It is the knowledge of how each sound is being created to weave and tell the story that the composer would want to tell if he was yet alive.

The beauty of music and how it touches every individual is a true gift which you can share with others. Behind every song, there is an untold story. So why don’t you experience it and tell the story.

In our Diploma lessons, You will learn to :

  • Work on developing a wide repertoire for the performance component
  • choose the right pieces according to your strengths
  • practice the viva voce section and being prepped on possible questions asked
  • work on improving sight-reading in preparation for the quick study

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