Welcome ! We warmly welcome you to be part of our Piano Teachers Circle.

Thank you for your interest to become a part of our Piano Teachers at Learn Piano Lesson Singapore Website. As an added advantage for our Piano Teachers, we will screen the students first before matching them to your Music Qualifications, and to your Preferred Day and Time.

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FAQs of the students:

Terms & Conditions

1. Am I eligible to sign up as a Piano Teacher?

If you have a few years of teaching experience with appropriate qualifications in Music, you can certainly sign up and work together with us. We will match your Qualifications and teaching experiences with our students’ profiles.

2. Is the Registration to become Teacher FREE?

Yes, the registration is FREE and non-chargeable. We only take a one-time referral fee equivalent to 50% of the first month’s lesson from each student that we assign to you.

3. How can I register my friend as a Teacher as well?

Please use the RECRUITMENT link on our website to submit their teaching experiences and personal details. We will contact them if we require  further details. Please ensure that their email and mobile number are updated.

Alternatively, you can ask them to visit our website at: www.learnpianolessonsingapore.com and click RECRUITMENT. Please ask your friend to indicate your name under the “REFERRED” by you section.

4. Upon receiving the assignment, do I need to pay for the services rendered ?

Upon successful assignment, we only take a one-time referral fee equivalent to 50% of the first month’s lesson from each student that
we assign to you. However, if you refer 5 friends to join us as Piano Teachers (no time limit to refer 5), we will than only take 40% of the first month’s lesson fee for every subsequent students that is assigned to you. We believe in giving more value to you as our Piano Teachers. Let us focus on the task of finding students for you, while you can just focus on your teaching.

“We blacklist teachers who violate our Terms and Conditions and take strict action again unethical and dishonest teachers.”

5. Do I need to show my Music Certificates to the students ?

If students request to view the teachers’ Certificates before the first lesson, than you will be required to show them. Do take note
that you will be required to attach your Music Certificates upon submission of this recruitment form for us to verify your

“We take serious action against teachers for misrepresentation of their experiences and qualifications. We will take strict action to blacklist those teachers and cease all assignments with the teachers.”

6. Limitation of Liability

In any event, Learn Piano Lesson Singapore’s maximum liability arising out of or in connection with the service or your use of the service, regardless of the cause of action, will not exceed S$50. Learn Piano Lesson Singapore shall not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage caused during the time of lesson. They shall be directed to the teacher and any inconvenience shall be settled between the student and the teacher directly.

Thank you

Email : enquiry@learnpianolessonsingapore.com

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* Incomplete forms will result in us not being able to assign students to you.