Teaching Music

I love teaching music. I think there is no other profession out there that gives as much satisfaction that teaching does. I teach both private piano and accelerated theory classes. It has been a wonderful journey and experience helping students to understand and appreciate the music that they play.

I am opening up the accelerated theory classes again after the March Theory exams. Some students (current and new) have already signed up for the next intake and it is the start of another interesting journey in theory teaching. It is wonderful when you see the spark in the students' eyes when they  realize they have understood the concepts and rules in theory. It is certainly an enriching and satisfying experience and I am definitely looking forward to it.

If you are curious what accelerated theory is, do visit my website at:


or better yet, sign up to find out. Looking forward to enriching more lives.

More than 1,823 students & teachers joined.

Music is soul of life.
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