Ms Tay is an excellent and dedicated piano teacher. With her help and guidance, I found myself learning so much more than the pieces I had to perform for my Diploma. Being an older student, I believe I was not an easy student to teach as I held many preconceived ideas of how to practice, leading me to develop rather faulty technique.

Week after week, she painstakingly taught me how to overcome them to bring out a better sound quality. To top it off, we only had a year to prepare for the ATCL from scratch. I would not have been able to make such progress and pass the exam, without her help and our lessons.
Having experienced her professionalism and genuine concern she has for my musical development, I would highly recommend her to all serious music students.

We are very glad that we found Ms Tay to teach and guide our daughter, Yixuan for her Grade 5 Music Theory Exam. 

Even though we had only 11 weeks to the exam, her systematic approach has made it easy for an 11 years old child to understand and score really well (89 marks) for the exam. We appreciate her patience and dedication. Thank you, Ms Tay!


Robin Lim (Yixuan’s Father)

Happy Parent
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