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Thursday's Words of Wisdom

Its Thursday today, one day from Friday.. Hope you all had a good week so far and looking forward to the weekend.

While I posted earlier about my students' theory results. I want to highlight that they have worked very hard to get the Distinction that they so deserve. However there are some students who expect to take the exams without putting in the effort or putting in minimal effort and getting the results that they want which is a Distinction.

This quote aptly says what I usually tell them. There is this mad rush to complete exams before a certain age, and sometimes the quality of playing and the students' interest are being disregarded. Isn't it more important to enjoy the process and appreciate the journey, at the same time honing one's skill and working to improve it so it makes one a better Musician and Performer?

All the great musicians and performers have certainly put in their time, effort, sweat and pain in the practice of their instruments to reach the stage that they are right now. One can't expect to play like Lang Lang or Martha Argerich without the hours put into practice.

Success doesn't just come knocking at one's door. Put in the time and effort and you will than see results.

Have a good week everyone.