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    The Joy that Music can bring to one’s life, cannot be expressed in words. Give yourself the Gift of Music.

  • As Gustav Mahler once said, “If a composer could say what he had to say in words, he would not bother to try to say it in music.”

  • A Note From Min Min Tay.

    Pianist | Music Educator | Performer | Author


    My love for music started when I was all but 2 years old. I was surrounded by the sounds of music from my mum’s studio. I used to climb up the piano bench the moment her students leave as I couldn’t wait to tinkle on the keys.

    This love for music has taken me very far. I started my music education with my mum who gave me a very strong foundation in finger technic and musicality. At the age of 13, I continued my music education with Mr Ong Lip Tat for the next 5 years. It was under Mr Ong’s encouragement that I decided to further my studies in the US. It has taken me to Ohio and Seattle where I completed my Bachelor of Music as well as my Master of Music Degrees.

    The Music path is a tough and sometimes lonely road with many hours spent in the practice studios, honing your skills and making the musical passage sound effortless, though it may not be so. Many students now learn music, though few may want to travel on this path less trodden.

    Learning music is the experience of being able to produce the sounds and create the effect of musical wonder from an instrument invented so many years ago. It is the knowledge of understanding the life of the composer and how each sound is being created to weave and tell the story that the composer would want to tell if he was yet alive. That is the mark of a true musician.

    I hope all of you who are learning music will find out more about the piece you are playing because as musicians, it is your responsibility to bring the composers’ works to life and tell the intended story to the audience.

    To those who have yet to start on your musical journey, do think about having music in your life. Whether you do choose music as your ultimate career, just having music in your life, will create joy and provide an outlet for you in times of joy and sadness.

    It is indeed a wonderful journey and experience. I have never regretted it and I know you will not as well.

  • Recipes for Success in Piano Practice

    Follow this recipe to successful piano practice and see yourself progress.

    • 1 cup of patience.
    •  1 cup of perseverance.
    •  1 cup of discipline.
    • 1 cup of hard work.
    •  1 cup of dedication.
    •  Tons of Passion for your Music.
    • Mix all the ingredients together and blend well for good consistency and result.
    • Repeat as required to hone your skills.
    • That's the recipe for Success!
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