• Piano Lesson for Beginner

    Starting your beginner piano lesson

    If you are thinking about providing your child with piano lessons but am not sure how to go about it, you have come to the right page. There must be many questions running through your mind.

    Preferably, I would recommend children to begin their individual lessons around age 6 years and above. Children younger than 5 years should join the Group Music Lessons where they learn rhythm, movement, music pitch, creating music in a group setting and basically interact with their peers and having fun at the same time.

    For children 6 years and above (depending on the child’s attention), you can consider starting them on individual lessons. Let me ease your mind and let you know what you will be expecting when you begin lessons.

    You will be receiving:
    - Customised individual piano lessons
    - Proper Posture and Hand Position
    - Correct Finger and Proper Techniques
    - Recognise notes and associating with pitches
    - Appreciate Music in a fun and interactive manner
    - Hands-on coaching and basic fundamentals to get your child started

    If you have yet to begin your child on this music journey, do think about having music in their life. Trust me, it will be a fun experience to share the joys of music with your child and ride on this journey with them. When you hear them play their very first song, it will be a moment that words can't describe.

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