• My Piano Performance Videos

    Here are some of my video performances with Mr Ong Lip Tat, and some of my music friends.


    Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor (Cadenza Section)

    Grieg Piano Concerto Cadenza by Min Min Tay (3:47 minutes)

    Infante with Mr Ong Lip Tat

    Manuel Infante 2 Part 1 Min Min Tay & Mr Ong Lip Tat (4:55 minutes)

    Grand Valse de Concert by Eduard Holst (Min Min Tay & Friends)

    Duration 4:44 minutes

    Lutoslawski Duet piano (Min Min Tay & Mr Ong Lip Tat)

    Duration 6:20 minutes

    Champagne Toccata for 2 Pianos, Eight Hands by William Gillock (Min Min Tay & Friends)

    Duration 3:14 minutes

    Jambalaya by Eugenie Rocherolle (Min Min Tay & Friends)

    Duration 7:06 minutes

  • I created these few classes to guide my students on different music classes that they would like to learn and enjoy. Pls feel free to browse which programme is suitable for you below.