• Choose piano lesson that suits you.

    Where to take online zoom piano lesson

    Why we think that online piano lesson might be for you.

    With the current circuit breaker or lock-down, you can enjoy like most of my students continuing their music lessons via Zoom. Music gives them a sense of normalcy admist the current situation

  • Music diploma student plays his piano pieces

    Attend this music diploma class with me for those who are serious in pursuing in music as career.

    The Diploma is offered to post-Grade 8 musicians intending to pursue a career in music, students or working professionals who wish to broaden their qualifications and knowledge or musicians who possess the passion for their instrument and who wish to acquire greater skills, knowledge and understanding of their instrument.

  • Taking intensive music theory class

    Why I create this Intensive Music Theory Lesson is, because I want to accelerate your music success. 

    My Intensive Music Theory Lessons requires students to be Committed, to Persevere and be Determined. I teach students to love and appreciate theory and not fear it. It is through understanding the workings of how music work can one have a full appreciation of music and theory. They must go hand in hand.

  • Learning piano lesson as adult can be inspiring

    Piano students who want a structured graded lesson from grade 1 to grade 8.

    There are a total of eight grades of assessment for the ABRSM Examining Board. However, the music examinations are not for everyone and the pieces used from the examination syllabuses are not representative of a complete and rounded curriculum.
    The exams serve as a benchmark on where you currently are, however music learning is still a journey of enjoyment and appreciation, so the decision is still up to you.

  • How to take aural and sight reading classes ?

    Thinking of improving your Aural & Sight Reading ?

    The Aural Training / Sight Reading was created as I have received many enquiries for help in regards to these two areas. This class is open to students with different musical background who require Aural Training and Sight Reading as part of the Music Examination.

  • How to start as beginner in piano lesson?

    Take a little first step with beginner class in piano lesson here.

    My piano lessons for beginners are for children around the age of 6 years and above. Students are taught lessons in a fun, interactive approach with a strong grounding in posture and finger positioning.

  • It is never be too late as adult to start piano lesson

    As adult, sometimes we need music to liven our lives. Come join me in adult piano lesson.

    There is no age limit to learning.
    If you have always had a burning desire to learn the piano but never had a chance or time to get to it, now might be a good time to begin.
    My lessons are catered to the individual students and to the working professionals and is paced according to the amount of time and effort allowed.