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    I also conduct lessons for Aural Training as well as Sight Reading when time permits. There have been many enquiries for Aural Training / Sight Reading as many music teachers focus on the Examination pieces and scales, leaving very little or no time to incorporate them in their lessons.

    The Aural Training package was created to help the students to understand each component of the Aural Test in the ABRSM Examinations. Example, Sight Singing, Identifying Musical Features in a given musical excerpt etc.

    Aural Training is important in music lessons as it trains one to develop a keen ear to be perceptive to the sounds and trains the students to focus and listen. This ultimately trains the students to be better musicians, to listen to what they are playing and be sensitive to the nuance and timbres of their sound quality. The Aural Training Package is not limited to just Piano students. It is open to students with different musical instrument background who require Aural Training as part of their Music Examinations.

    Many students also struggle with Sight Reading. They always end up memorising their pieces and never really spend the time to read the notes on the written score or follow the dynamics of the piece. I know many students who are guilty of that. The downside to memorising before being a proficient sight reader is that once you do not practice, you lose the memory skills and when you make a mistake, it is difficult for you to pick up from where you left off. It will be most beneficial for you to develop the skill of reading, which I will guide you on how to see patterns and anticipate what is coming up.

    This class will enable students to learn what they are weak in and strengthen the areas which they are good at.

    You may want to check other class on piano lessons for beginners here after you strengthen your this skill.

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