Min-Min Tay is a Piano Performer, Pianist and Music Educator in Singapore. She has been teaching piano lessons to many satisfied students in Singapore since 2001. She holds a Master Degree in Piano Performance (M Mus) from the University of Washington in Seattle, U.S.A, a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance (B Mus) from Ohio Wesleyan University, U.S.A, and graduated with University Honors. She also holds the Licentiate Trinity College of London (LTCL).
    She was a member of the MU PHI EPSILON Music Fraternity in University which aims for the advancement of music throughout the world and promotes scholarship, musicianship, friendship, and reached out to provide support for music in the community.

    Min-Min has appeared as guest artiste with the Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra in her Senior Year at Ohio Wesleyan University. She has also played in numerous charity performances with former teacher Mr Ong Lip Tat and appeared as guest artiste in Mr Ong Lip Tat’s student concert. She has also performed at the Mid-American Chamber Institute where she performed the Brahms Piano Trio No. 2 in C major Op. 87.

    Her recent performance was as a guest performer together with a group of friends in a concert on 2 Pianos for 8 hands.

    Besides performing, she has also trained many music teachers in weekly Development Courses for the advancement of their Music Teaching Careers. Min-Min has also taught Sight-Singing, Ear-Training, Music History, Music Theory and Music Appreciation classes amongst others at NUS High School of Mathematics and Science.

    Her goal as a Music Teacher and Educator is to teach her students to love music, to inspire them to develop knowledge and contribute to their well-being in their life pursuits (Read more about her mission as piano educator...). She continues to instil these qualities in her students and conducts her music and theory lessons from her studio.

  • “I hope at the end of it all, through teaching piano, I can teach my students to develop some of these character traits and mold them as well-rounded individuals who are sensitive, kind and resilient people who can lead a happy and satisfied life.”


    Music is soul of life.


    Besides focusing on teaching, I enjoy performing when time permit. Check out the links below for my past performances and snap shot memories with concert artistes and students. You can also visit my photo album here

  • Meet the Mentors

    My Music Mentors have greatly influenced me in my musical development in my music journey. They have inspired me to become an independent artist, to pursue the why of music and performance, and to always remain true to the craft.


    Former Professor University of Washington

    Mr Bela Siki who is also a Concert pianist, Professor of University of Washington and Writer too.His performance can be found in the Naxos Classical Music.


    Testimonial to Min Min Tay ~
    "I am glad to give a testimonial to my former student, Min-Min Tay. She certainly is well qualified to teach and guide students in the right direction."



    Professor of Music & Dean of the School of Arts $ Communication, PLU

    Dr Cameron Bennett has performed as soloist and chamber musician throughout the United States, Canada, Russia, and the Far East.

    He is a founding member of the Marble Cliff Chamber Players, an annual summer chamber music festival held in Columbus and Delaware, Ohio. Dr. Bennett served for many seasons as chamber music performer and coach at the Victoria International Festival in Victoria, Canada, and as staff accompanist at The Juilliard School. He has taught previously at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and has given master classes at the Beijing Central Conservatory, Shanghai Conservatory, and the Chinese Cultural University in Taipei, Taiwan.


    Former Piano Mentor OF Min Min Tay

    Ong Lip Tat began receiving widespread and serious attention amongst musicians from a tender age. He began performing at age 6, gave his first solo recital at age 13, and played his first concerto at age 14 in Taipei. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Thereafter, Lip Tat did his postgraduate studies in Hamburg, Germany, at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater under the prestigious DAAD German Culture Scholarship and the Lee Foundation. In Singapore, Lip Tat was invited to perform for the President of Singapore, Mr. Ong Teng Cheong, together with his honorary guests. Many of his students have been placed in leading conservatories such as Julliard and Curtis.

    Lip Tat has conducted masterclasses & workshops at universities and conservatories in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, America, & Japan. He was invited by Ruth Slenczynska (Southern Illinois University) & Kuni Kochiina Music Academy (Osaka) to conduct masterclasses. He has also released two CDs with Pavane in Singapore and ERA Classics in Japan.

  • Passion in Teaching Piano Lessons

    Min-Min enjoys teaching dedicated students of all ages, ranging from primary students to adults, who enjoy music and come with an attitude of a willingness to learn. Being Classically trained, she specialises in teaching Classical Music to students in higher grades, though she also accepts beginner students who are committed to learning. She prepares her students for the ABRSM Graded Examinations, as well as the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music Diploma Examinations and Trinity College of London Diploma Examinations.


    ~Min Min Tay (Pianist)~

  • Piano Teaching Focus

    When you begin your music journey with Min-Min, she will assess the strengths and weakness of each student. Some students encounter difficulties at the advanced level due to lack of foundation and mastery of:

    - Techniques in Pedaling.

    - Good Hand Posture.

    - Shaping of Phrases.

    - Good Tone Color and Expressive Playing.

    - Good Finger Strength.

    - Relaxed, yet Controlled Technique.

    - Proper Fingerings.

    - Interpreting and Understanding the music they are playing.

    - Art of Listening.

    The piano lessons will target these areas which may hinder a student from progressing and playing better than what they think they are capable of.

  • Other Interests

    Min-Min’s other interests include travelling, reading, attending concerts to unwind and rejuvenate herself. She also enjoys an occasional day out in the sun, rollerblading, a good book to develop the mind,and a good cuppa coffee.

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