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A Tribute to My Teacher Mr Ong Lip Tat

Today I dedicate this page to my teacher and mentor Mr Ong Lip Tat who left us this afternoon to a better place. The world is a much lonelier and quieter place without his music.

I am still reeling in disbelief and denial that he is gone. But the truth is sinking in and no words can express my sadness. Mr Ong was the one who encouraged me to further my music studies in the US. He gave me courage and confidence in myself to pursue and follow my dreams. For that, I am forever grateful.

Dear Mr Ong,

You were a larger-than-life figure in the music world to your many piano students. Your teachings remind us of the high standards to which we were being upheld. You expected greatness, you demanded independence and creativity. And above all, you wanted us to create beautiful music from our hearts.

I was fortunate to be your student. Your encouragement and love for music moved me. As my career developed and became a piano teacher myself, I have come to understand and appreciate the enormous influence you had in my music.

You are a towering figure in my life. You were generous and giving to others but you were gone too soon. You have so much more beautiful music to share with the world.

Thank you Mr Ong for touching the lives of so many of your students. And while I will miss you dearly, I am comforted by the knowledge that your accomplishments, your students and your legacy are enduring and will continue to exemplify the very best in music.

Play on dear teacher and make beautiful music with the angels.