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ABRSM Grade 5 Private Revision Class by Min Min Tay.


Recently I have been receiving enquiries from students who are taking their Music Theory Grade 5 in October this year, but have either not finished the syllabus required for the ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory or are simply not ready for the exams.

I must stress the importance of music theory. It helps in analyzing the pieces you are playing, to know the harmony and structure of the overall piece. If you understand theory, you will understand counting. Building your rhythmic pulse is important, as you find it so much easier to learn a music piece on top of note reading. Theory also helps you to know what key the musical work is in. You can't play a music piece without knowing what key the piece is in.

If you start seeing theory as important, you will start enjoying the process of learning the components that make up music.

The Grade 5 Theory exam is fast approaching, and receiving these calls from students who still do not have the understanding of what the Grade 5 theory entails is alarming.

Hence, I have decided to open up a revision class for all music students whether pianist, violinist, vocalist, flutist etc, who need the Grade 5 theory in order to proceed on with their Practical Grade 6. The class will be called as ABRSM Music Theory Class, click here to find out

The Grade 5 theory is a crucial benchmark for any students who want to proceed on to their Grade 6 practical. Many students find themselves at a deadlock as most of their theory are not on par with their practical.

Check out my private class which i open occasionally.