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For the Love of Music

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Music is a universal language, appreciated by everyone around the world. It can make you feel better when you are feeling down, it can be a form of relaxation after a stressful or hectic day at school or in the office. Music is a fabric of our lives. It is all around us.

Music is an emotion that is felt with the heart. It can be our mode of expression: anger, sadness, happiness, or a source of entertainment. It can make any activity that you are doing more enjoyable.

Music is creative art. You can use your imagination to tell a story or evoke images when listening to music.

Benefits of learning music at a young age are many:

  • It helps children become well rounded individuals, 
  • It instills discipline, 
  • It helps children interact with others, and 
  • Provide them with an outlet to express themselves or to vent their frustrations.

As Hans Christian Andersen so aptly put it, "Where words fail, music speaks."

(Danish Author whose fairy tales are famous throughout the world, 1805-1875)