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Hilarious Performance by Igudesman & Joo

I attended the performance by Igudesman & Joo at Victoria Theatre on both nights Thursday and Friday. They performed two different performances for the show. This is their first ever performance in Singapore.

The duo comprises of Aleksey Igudesmanm, a violinist. He studied at the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin. He has a successful career playing, composing, arranging, recording several CDs and working in Hollywood with Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer.

His other partner in crime is Hyung-Ki Joo, a British born Korean. He studied at the Yehudi Menuhim School, where he discovered that he was among child prodigies and was convinced he would be kicked out of school.He performs chamber music, recitals, concertos, his own compositions. Besides composing, performing and writing comedy, Joo's passion for teaching has led him to develop his own personal style of workshops.

The duo says: " We don't make fun of music, we make fun WITH music." These musicians, rap, sing, dance, sing heavy metal and play exquisitely difficult passages with ease and precision.

In a nutshell, both Alesky and Hyung-Ki are extremely funny, very original and highly skilled musicians. Their mix of Classical music and comedy is absolutely unique. It is almost impossible to describe how good they are, so here is a video of one of their performances for your enjoyment. You will have to catch their performance live, to fully enjoy it, this will give you a glimpse of how funny and talented these musicians are.