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How to decide on a Piano Teacher

How to find the right piano teacher for you or your child depends on what you need or want. You need to decide if you are learning the piano for leisure/enjoyment or if you or your child is geared towards taking the examinations.

If your intention is towards playing for leisure, than perhaps you want to look for a contemporary music teacher, one who can preferably teach a wide range of music from pop, ballads, rock to classical.

There are many piano teachers who teach mostly classical music geared towards the piano examinations. You can find many out there and the price ranges are varied. The price ranges depend on what type of teacher you are looking for. Are you after the qualification and quality of the teachers, or are you one who thinks it doesn’t really matter as long as you get started on one or you are not sure if your child’s interest will be sustained, so getting started with a teacher who has less competitive edge is alright with you.

I am a true believer of quality teaching. It is indeed an investment starting your music education, but aren’t you or your child worth the investment? It is difficult to get the right foundation and build interest in music, but a good teacher can and will instill the correct building blocks in the students’ music education and that is a price that is worth it.

But after all that is said and done, a teacher with passion and dedication who is able to inspire and motivate their student is definitely one worth keeping. Having said that, I hope you will find the teacher that best suits you in your musical journey and may he/she bring you to greater heights of music enjoyment and fulfillment.