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Importance of Music Theory

The ABRSM Music Theory Examination Results for the candidates who took the exam in March 2011 are finally out.

I am very pleased with my students’ results for this round. Most have gotten Merits and Passes within a short period of time. The most worthy mentioned are my students from the Theory Accelerated classes. They completed their Theory Grade 6-8 in 9 months, and a few of them have taken their Grade 5 in less than 6 months. To all these students (you know who you are.. )

CONGRATULATIONS!! Your hard work has paid off.

Some time ago, I have posted an article regarding the importance of having music theory as part of the students’ music education. A basic definition of music theory is the study of how music works. A student having little understanding of theory is missing a huge piece of the puzzle.

Music theory is an integral part of music education. For example, knowing how to identify and name notes is important for being able to quickly recognize them when you are playing music. It is about understanding the music that you are playing.

The good musicians are those who understand how music works

Final Thoughts

Make time for theory. It is important and in the long run, theory helps with playing any instrument as one progress.