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In Rememberance of Mr Ong Lip Tat Video

27 February 2016 marked the 3rd Anniversary of the passing of my Beloved Teacher Mr Ong Lip Tat.

Mr Ong was a such a wonderful and inspirational teacher. He had such a great passion for music and it shows in his teaching as well as performance. All his students and family members gathered together for a Memorial Dinner to share and celebrate his life and all he had contributed to the Music World. We will all miss him dearly and will remember how he had inspired each and every one of his students.. All of us will continue to uphold your legacy and continue to exemplify the very best in music and hold on to these memories close to our hearts.

Today, I am feeling rather nostalgic and I wanted to share this video of Lutoslawski's Variation on a Theme by Paganini which I performed with Mr Ong Lip Tat when I returned to Singapore for my Summer Vacation. This was performed at one his Students' Concert at Victoria Concert Hall. I miss playing duets with my Teacher..

Play on dear teacher and make beautiful music with the angels.