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International Chopin Piano Competition

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I attended the Chopin Piano Competition yesterday at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. The competition started 1 Dec and will end today, 5 December.

It was a great day of piano competition, with competitiors from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Brazil and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The competition was stiff. The pianist were confident and poised. They were able to bring out the melodic line admits the thick textures and complexities typical of Chopin's compositions. Some pianist played with clarity and dexterity in the technical passages. Bravo to them! And the teachers who coached them well !

It was wonderful to see teenagers watching the performance though I wished there were more aspiring pianist watching the performance as it would spur any young pianist and motivate them to be the best they can be! It must be an inspiration to watch the performance live.

The winners will be performing tonight at 7 pm!