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Music Resources for Young Students

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Music Resources

I have been scouting for educational music websites for young kids and recently discovered the Classics for Kids Website. It is used to introduce elementary (primary) students to the periods of music history and expose them to the lives and works of the composers of each era. Children are more likely to play expressively when they are exposed to great music and understand them.

Another favorite site for my students is the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. Students get to journey on a “safari” and are introduced to the various instruments of the orchestra. They play ear-training games along the way and learn about fugues as well. This is ideal for students who can read fluently, but even my 5 year old enjoys playing it with a little help.

Educating children during piano lessons does not necessarily be centered on piano music alone. The more they listen to music they more they understand and learn to express the different nuances naturally. I hope that teachers and parents will find these website helpful in the musical paths the children will take.