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Note Rush - Check out the New App for Music Teachers

I am very excited to introduce to you a brand new app for music teachers called Note Rush.

I am very excited to introduce to you a brand new app for music teachers called Note Rush.

I discovered that this app is such a useful tool for my students. Note Rush has become my favorite app for piano teaching.

Note Rush is a note reading app that is simple, intuitive, and fun. I know there are many note reading apps , however, unlike other note identification apps that show users a note and require them to name the note by letter name, Note Rush is able to "identify the pitch" using the iPad’s microphone to identify whether the user is playing the correct piano key.

It is so important for students to learn to associate the position of the notes in relation to the staff with the corresponding piano key in the correct octave, and Note Rush encourages this.

Note Rush allows you to choose from a variety of levels — covering various ranges of notes in treble clef, bass clef, or the entire grand staff — the app is customizable based on the user's abilities.

The rounds are timed, so students are invited to repeat the rounds to try to improve their times.

There are three themes available which will appeal to a wide range of students without causing too much distraction.

Note Rush is available in the App Store for $5.98 SGD. Tell your students to buy this app instead of a box of flash cards.

Visit to Note Rush Website and like their Facebook Page as well.

Note: I do not receive any endorsement fees for recommending this app. I just want to share this useful tool for music teachers and parents who can use it to help their students and kids to make learning more enjoyable.

Enjoy this fun and useful App!

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