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Teaching is more than...

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Lately, I have been posting more about teaching and what our roles as teachers entail. This was brought about through conversations with students who have transferred from other piano studios. The teaching methods and styles were quite shocking. I will leave the sentence at that..

THESE are my thoughts and philosophy in what I think a teacher should be and what I myself want to impart to my students as a teacher: -

A good teacher realizes that his most important purpose in teaching is to first inspire the students to love study; to awaken within him a desire to rise above himself; to motivate and encourage the students to be more than what they can be. Second, is to teach the student how to study; train him to think; to inspire the student to love what they do, and then teach him how to find it.

The objective of educating students is to develop knowledge and resources in the students that will contribute to his well-being in his life pursuits.

There are many benefits in the learning and studying of music besides having the satisfaction of mastering and playing the piano well:-

- the student learns to work persistently at difficult tasks, overcoming challenges
- working at a difficult passage with patience and never giving up
- appreciates the beauty of music through understanding of the piece
- satisfaction in developing self-mastery of the musical instrument

I hope that at the end of it all, through teaching piano, I can teach my students to develop some of these character traits and mold them to be well-rounded individuals who are sensitive, kind and resilient people who can lead a happy and satisfied life.