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The Power of Music

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“Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory"

– Percy Bysshe Shelley

Have you ever experienced listening to a particular music/song which left an indelible mark in your ? The music keeps playing over and over in your mind, and you end up humming or singing along with it and just can't get it out of your mind.

That is the power that music has.

Music can also soothe an angry heart, and soften a people's resistance. Of course on the other side of the coin, it can also cause anger and hatred, but used in a good way, it can draw people together and ease tension.

We have seen music bridging gaps, helping people understand one another's culture. In times of castrophe, music has pulled us all together. Remember the song "We Are The World?" "Voices that Care" ? These are songs that came about during tough, traumatic times, when the world joined hands and sang as one.

This is the power of what music can do to people. Even Beethoven, took the poem from Schiller's Ode To Joy and used it in his Symphony No. 9. The poem stood for the Universal Brotherhood of Mankind.

If more people understood and appreciated music, there will definitely be peace on this earth and understanding across cultures. Let us start to learn to appreciate and be a cultured world where there are more understanding and tolerance amongst nations.