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Top 5 Mistakes that Students Make Learning Piano Part 1

I have compiled the Top 5 Common Mistakes that Students make which might be hindering their progress in Piano lessons.

Hand Position

Incorrect Hand Position especially for Beginners. (Watch out for The Palm is being too flat, touching the wood of the piano). However some students with poor foundation in the basics also might have developed a poor sitting position as well as hand position


This is probably the one that irks me the most. Some students, perhaps after being used to playing on an old piano, tend to hammer and bang on the keys in order to get it to sound, and they use this same technique on all pianos. There must be a difference in playing loud (forte) and soft (piano). You do not have to smack the keys. The key is to listen to the sound you are producing and shape the melody using the pressure of your fingers.

Both Hands are not Coordinating

When a passage demands that both hands are moving in specific rhythms, some students cannot coordinate both hands or both hands are not in time. This could be due to one hand being more dominant than the other, and the other hand being the weaker one. Use technique books like Czerny Finger Technique to practice and strengthen the weaker hand. Slow practice can also be done to help keep the hands together.

Lack of Practice

Many students do not practice enough and because of the lack of practice, you don't get better

Ignoring Mistakes And Making it Over and Over again!

This is another one that totally bugs me. When students ignore blatant mistakes and never make an attempt to correct it and just carry on, brushing over the passage.

Do sort out the mistakes, instead of making the same mistakes week after week! Practice in small sections with specific goals.

Go through these 5 Mistakes, and if you are making any one of these mistakes, work out what you have to do in order not to make them so you can see more progress in your music journey. I'll see you in my next post where I will share Part II with you.,

Have a great weekend!