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What Is The Ideal Age To Start Taking Music Lessons?

It is known throughout history that lots of highly accomplished musicians, pianists in particular, have begun to learn playing instruments at very young ages. Throughout the past few decades and centuries, we have seen many child prodigies who displayed their genius to the entire world even before adolescence. For this reason, many eager parents have entertained high hopes for their own children to have a future career in music. Nowadays, it is very common for parents to enroll their children to take piano lessons and hire the services of private music instructors. With this scenario in mind, the question instantly arises as to what is the ideal age for a child to start taking beginners piano lessons, and that's what we will discuss in this brief article.

The truth is, parents from different walks of life have varying experiences and views as to what is the ideal age to allow their children to take music lessons. Some parents have tried to start their child's musical education as early as seven or eight years old. Others start much earlier. Despite the different preferences that parents may have, there is no guarantee that a child will display surprising improvement and absorption of knowledge at any particular age. In fact, there are so many factors that come into play when we take into consideration a young person's musical development. Things such as natural aptitude, emotional intelligence or stability, inherited intellectual traits, interpersonal skills, and other psychological factors affect the way a child learns music (particularly the piano). Bottomline is, it is good to enroll a child to a piano for kids course as early as possible. However, it still depends on the parent to decide what is the ideal age to start taking the lessons.

If you are a parent who is eager to begin your child's piano education as soon as possible, one of the factors that could help you make a decision is to observe your child keenly. Does he or she display musical tendencies or inclinations? Has your child shown any interest in playing the piano? Physically, do you think your child's hands are big and strong enough to start hitting the hard piano keys? Will a piano lessons for beginners program go hand in hand, or interfere with, your child's formal education in school at the moment? If you answered no to any of those questions, you might want to postpone the enrollment of your child to a piano course and wait for a year or two.

Although it is not necessarily important to start your child's piano education at ages below 5 or 6, you might want to begin stimulating his or her mind to develop musical awareness during those years. Buy some toys such as mini-pianos and guitars. Fill your home with melodic songs and tunes for your children to hear. Get your own piano at home and start teaching your child some simple monotone melodies like Happy Birthday, Mary Had A Little Lamb, or Silent Night. Once your child has developed this much needed psychological framework, that is the best time to introduce a formal music education program.