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5 Tips You Need To Know When Buying A Used Piano

Buying a used piano is a terrific option if you want to invest in a musical instrument at home but do not have sufficient budget to pick a brand new model. There are lots of second hand, slightly used pianos available out there which are still in top shape and show little signs of wear and tear. If you ever consider purchasing a used piano, the suggestions given in this brief article will be of great importance to you. Here are five useful tips that you need to know when buying a slightly used piano:

Don't Judge A Piano by Its Cover

Never judge an instrument based on the way it looks or how shabby it is from the outside. It's true that lots of used pianos don't have the sparkling elegance that brand new models possess. Other used brands may have faded colors and slightly discolored keys. But despite of any outward imperfection which you might notice in a used piano, always check the sound quality first. Does the used piano still produce fine, harmonic sound? If you find that the piano sound is still desirable, then you might want to purchase that instrument at a cheap price and give it an appearance overhaul later on.

Locate Defects Which Can Potentially Impede Playing

It is normal for slightly used pianos to have a few scratches or marks. However, you should also be wary of any defects in the instrument which have the possibility to impede the flow of your playing. For example, if majority of the keys have already sunk low enough, this defect can prevent you from playing the piano smoothly. Or, if the internal strings of the piano are already severed or damaged, there could be permanent effects on the tone or tuning of the instrument. It is best to stay away from purchasing pianos with major irreparable defects.

Seek Help From An Expert Tuner Or Piano Technician

Regardless of whether you are a virtuoso pianist or an experienced musician, there are some parts of the piano which only an expert tuner or skilled piano technician can judge fairly. There is a hairline difference between a piece of junk and a valuable second hand piano, and the tuner-technician can help you recognize that difference. Before you decide to purchase a used piano, ask a tuner-technician for help and let him inspect the instrument thoroughly.

Determine The Fair Price Of The Instrument

Some sellers over-price their second hand pianos in the hope that an ignorant customer will come along and buy in. Don't be that ignorant buyer. When considering a used piano for purchase, find out its fair market value. You might think that this is a hard thing to do but it's not. You can start by asking some important details about the piano: Who is the original owner? When was this piano manufactured? Why did the previous owner sell it? How old is the instrument and what was the original price? Once you ask the right questions, you will have an idea if the price is fair or not. Better yet, ask help from a friend with a background in appraising furniture.

Pay More Attention To Rare Models And Brands

There is a possibility that you will stumble upon rare brands and collector's items when you're looking for used pianos. When this happens, consider yourself lucky and think about investing in one of those. Rare models and brands are known for terrific durability and sound quality that lasts through many decades. If you happen to encounter a remarkably rare find, don't hesitate to get it especially if the price is right.