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9 Tips in Playing Piano

Some Piano Lesson Tips to share here :

1. Sit up tall on the piano bench. Lean slightly forward and relax your arms and shoulders. Your feet must be flat on the floor.
2. Curve your fingers when you play. Pretend that you have a bubble in your hand. Imagine holding the bubble gently so it does not break.
3. Keep your fingernails trimmed, so you can continue to keep your fingers in a curve position. Long fingernails cause you to play with flat fingers which hinders your ability to run along the keys in future.
Parents should get involved if you want you child to succeed in piano. Praise your children on the progress they are making and give them encouragement for their efforts.
4. Try to make your practice or your child’s practice regular. Set aside time after school and one weekends for practice. Consistent practice following the teacher’s guidance will make one progress faster.
5. Practice slowly. Many beginners make the mistake of trying to rush when they think they are getting the music passage. BE PATIENT. Get the notes and fingering right, at the beginning. The speed will come when you are ready.
6. Music requires your senses to work simultaneously. Always LISTEN to the sound you are creating, as you are playing it. Be critical of your playing in order to improve.
7. Try to play for family and friends. The idea is to get used to playing in public. This will increase your level of confidence and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
8. Try to do a graded jury/competition or exam. This will allow you to set goals for yourself and allow you to learn with a purpose, thus keeping you on track and motivated.
9. There are many piano pieces our there from different genres. Be open to the styles from the different genres, which will widen your repertoire. You can still focus on those pieces that you like in order to sustain interest, but do keep an open mind to the other types of music and styles.

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