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ABRSM Theory Results !

I just want to do a quick post in between my teaching today. The ABRSM Theory Results are out today.. I was notified by email to go online and check the results..

I am very happy to announce that all my students have attained Distinction for their ABRSM Theory Grade 5, 6 and 7!! I am so proud of them.. They have put in the hard work and it has definitely paid off. A great Shout-Out to the parents as well for their support and encouragement. It goes to show how important it is for parents to be involved in their children's music journey. Thank you to all the wonderful parents.

This is why I am passionate about teaching. To be able to empower the students and help them to appreciate music and in the process help them to achieve and reach their goals. This is what teaching is all about.

I will name the students here.. For privacy I shall not reveal their full names.. However, you should know who you are...

Sherilyn A. Grade 5. Distinction

Chloe. Grade 5. Distinction

Joanne K. Grade 6. Distinction

Karen. Grade 6. Distinction

Daniel. Grade 7. Distinction

A Great Effort indeed.. Especially to Chloe and Joanne... Considering the short period of time for preparation. Great Job.. Go celebrate.. Yay!