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Music ~ Building A Community

Check out this interesting news story by the New York Post

It is wonderful to see the spontaneity of what music (in this case, the piano) has in connecting the people of a community together, through playing, singing and jamming. Street pianos are appearing in cities around the world. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it does make its appearance in the streets of Singapore? We could discover many hidden talents of people through such an event and it would bring people closer together.

This idea had me thinking on what are some of the ways we as music teachers can use our knowledge and skills to connect and benefit the community? We tend to focus on just studio teaching and perhaps get overly competitive with other teachers in the same area. Wouldn't it be wonderful to collaborate with other teachers and fellow musicians in our community and serve the greater community?

After all, music is to be enjoyed by all, and what better way to use our skills to allow more people to appreciate and perhaps inspire and motivate others through music.

Ideas anyone? (",)