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Music Made Fun

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that the New Year got off to a good start for all of you and that we are all working towards our goals, personal dreams and fulfillment.

I chanced upon this video which I thought was really interesting. It is a pianist and a violinist, who try to advocate music in a "fun" and "humorous" manner. They are both excellent musicians in their own right but the way they present their performance is hilarious and aims to portray music without the prim and proper stereotype that many people associate it with.

Music is all about fun and enjoying the whole experience of performing a piece. Many times we lose sight of that and force our children to learn music in a wrong way. We must first provide an environment for our kids to appreciate music; playing classical CDs, and attending concerts are some of the ways to improve their aural appreciation. Piano lessons can be made interesting to develop a sense of rhythm, meter and beat, using many innovative methods available.

So let your hair down, and enjoy this clip which I have attached for a glimpse of fun music.